Directory Submission And The Quality Of The Links

Directory submission is hotly debated in the web community as to its effectiveness. One camp says that the web directory submission effectiveness is not what it used to be because search engines are more advanced in their way of “thinking,” while others feel that if you simply bombard the directory with exponential submissions, the law of numbers will still play in your favor. The reality is that directory submission is still a great way of accessing quality backlinks, but you cannot simply throw out anything and expect the results to come in. For starters, there are numerous factors to consider when trying to build links.

One consideration is in the quality of the links that you accept. There are a lot of spammers out there on the World Wide Web, whose sites offer very little value. Quantity does not beat quality. Ever. So if you intend to just blanket your submissions to a directory in hopes of watching the number of backlinks grow, don’t get your hopes too high up. You want the quality of the links to be recognized in the eyes of Google and all the major search engine players. So start by putting out your best content. Follow directory guidelines to a tee. Reproduce, reproduce, reproduce. But when you get other sites start linking to you, make sure that you check them out first to see if the relationship makes sense and to see whether or not their own site offers any real value.

Directory submissions are clearly still effective or else so many people would not still be relying on it to build the popularity of their websites. But the Internet is also a very dynamic environment that is always changing to enhance the experience for the potential audience. If you refuse to take note of these changes and adjust your efforts accordingly, you can’t expect directories to work very well for you. But if you make the commitment to change along with the playing field and take a more hands on approach with your website, then you can expect that results will continue to improve and directory submission will be at the forefront of your web marketing efforts.

But in order for your web marketing efforts to reach the heights of their success, you should also incorporate more tools to your arsenal. Continue to use directories because they will always be an effective way to reach an audience, but also explore search engine optimization, social networking (or Web 2.0), and a variety of other Internet tools that are designed to give you a larger presence for your site. With a multi pronged approach you will soon find new levels of success for your site and your business.

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